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One of Dr. Geer's many pets. Sadly, Megan is no longer with us. She passed away several years ago from a spinal cord tumor at the age of 10yrs.

One of Dr. Geer's pets. Wilbur is a 13 yr old yellow lab. He is a cancer survivor :) He always has to have something in his mouth ;)

This is Oliver. He's a 9yr old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel who loves to give kisses!

Bertha is one of Dr. Geer's previous pets, one of her original two dogs. She was a Golden Retriever who passed away several years ago from cancer of the spleen.

This is Higgins (left) and Oliver (right). Higgin's is also a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel who was another of Dr. Geer's beloved previous pets. Unfortunately he passed away last year from end stage heart disease which is extremely common in the breed. He was a very special dog and is missed very much

Lester is a poodle mix that Dr. Geer aquired about a year ago. Lester was a handicap assistance dog for a special client of Dr. Geer's who passed away.